Friday, 22 October 2010

No More than Two Hours of Screen Time

We all know that TV is bad for children. Now the scientists are telling us to limit screen time to two hours per day. I'd say Pip is on that limit at the moment. We frequently cross it when she's ill or I'm ill or just need a break. It's become a crutch, a fall back activity. It's so easy to turn on the TV so I can get prepare dinner.

I really need to break the habit. I think going cold turkey will be to much of a shock for both of us and I need to prepare alternatives to Waybuloo, the Night Garden and the 2010 European Diving Championships (Pip's all time favourite).

I've decided to blog about my unplugged adventures. You never know they might be useful to someone out there and it will serve as a useful log of our progress. There are so many "perfect" parenting blogs out there already, I thought I'd like to show you both my successes and resounding failures in my attempts to tempt my toddler away from the TV.

Wish me luck.

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